Praise for Panfilocastaldi:

“A beautiful article… Thank you so much for writing about this.”
Sonia Sarangi, architect, Melbourne

“Thank you for this lesson, it resonates and reassures!”
- Bronwen Jones, architect, Canberra

“Thanks for the review. I think you’re right on target with ‘making money’, a larger and pressing problem for the architecture profession.”
- Dr. Naomi Stead, Senior Lecturer at the University of Queensland, Brisbane

“Your article looks great, thanks for your support.”
- Justine Clark, architecture critic, Melbourne

“Another insightful and useful piece. Please keep thinking and writing as I enjoy your work immensely.”
- Bronwen Jones, architect, Canberra

“What a great article. You have a wonderful, easy writing style I enjoy.”
- Winston Marsh, marketing guru, Melbourne

“Thanks for an excellent, straight from the shoulder, very readable report.”
Winston Marsh, marketing guru, Melbourne

“Well said. I was there and you’ve totally nailed it.”
- Steve Rose, architect, Melbourne

“Fantastic post, one of your best!”
Michael Smith, architect and blogger, Melbourne

“An excellent insightful review.”
- Conference directors, Material 2013, Melbourne

“Small architecture practice and the cloud, a thoroughly enjoyable presentation.”
- James Flaherty, graduate architect, Melbourne

“Great cloud advice for small practice!”
- Charity Edwards, architect and teacher, Melbourne

“Very entertaining, while also very good advice.”
- Jason Davidson, landscape architect, Melbourne

“Setting up a cloud backup has never been so easy (or fun)!”
- Graham Bennett, graduate architect, Melbourne

“I thought your review of the Melbourne panel was excellent!”
- Tania Davidge, architect, writer and advocate, Melbourne

“Fantastically written review, thanks! Definitely provided some food for thought for the community.”
- Graduate school of the faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, Melbourne

“Your article, as usual, is a great read.”
Michael Smith, architect and blogger, Melbourne

“Nice discussion / reaction to criticism panel in Melbourne.”
- Alexandra Lange, architectural critic, New York

“Great article.”
- Alison Cleary, Victoria Chapter Manager of the Australian Institute of Architects

“Well said on the invisible architects epidemic. Sentiments I’ve never managed to put into words, glad someone can / did.”
- Erika Bartak, ESD consultant, Melbourne

“Great post with some excellent points!”
- Michael Smith, architect and blogger, Melbourne

“Nice article!”
- John O’Callaghan, architect, Sydney

“Really enjoyed your post on Tom Kundig. We are in the process of collaborating with him on a private residence and studio for our family. It was a real pleasure to read such an insightful and well-written piece on his work.”
- Lou Maxon, client of Tom Kundig, Seattle

“Really enjoyed reading your reviews of both the [Robin Boyd Foundation] open day and John [Denton] and Garry [Emery’s] design discussion.”
- Tony Lee, Executive Director of the Robin Boyd Foundation, Melbourne

“I love this post. It is a brilliant demonstration (amongst other things) of the way that wider perceptions are created or steered by the representations we encounter through education and everyday life. Thanks for reminding.”
- Richard Gwyn, author, Cardiff

“It is perfectly reasonable to refer to The East St Kilda House as a type of Brutalism.”
- Callum Morton, artist, Melbourne

“I appreciate the spirited discussion. To the question of knock-offs existing legitimately as an option for the price sensitive, using the analogy of a fast food meal compared to a fine dining experience, or a classic sports car compared to a modest compact, here is the key difference: the buyer is not being duped into believing they are purchasing the higher quality alternative.”
- Mark Schuman, Herman Miller, Zeeland

“We love your entry. Great job and good luck!”
- Zombie Safehouse Competition, architecture competition organisers, Busselton

“I liked the sketch – very evocative.”
- MMADfan, blogger, New York

“Great post, I really do love The Sandpit!”
- The Artist Makena, artist and blogger, Rapid City

“Excellent wrap up. I agree with your view that it’s a fine balance however these guys provide an impression of the scales tipped heavily on the dream. This is obviously the skill they possess and the reason they are on tour.”
- Steve Rose, architect, Melbourne

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