I am a principal of emerging architecture studio, Mihaly Slocombe. I also teach at both the University of Melbourne and RMIT. I’m a father, marathon runner, rookie gardener and enthusiastic chess player.

Why such a long name?

Panfilo Castaldi was a northern Italian inventor born in 1398. He spent much of his working life in Milan and is credited locally as the first inventor of moveable type. Though this acclamation is not given much credence elsewhere, a statue of Castaldi still stands in his home town of Feltre and his sesquicentennial was still celebrated with enthusiasm in 1998.

Via Panfilo Castaldi was the street where my wife and I lived in Milan for much of 2010 and where the idea for this blog originated.

Thus, Panfilocastaldi is an idea born out of the curiosity and excitement of travel, and perpetuated beyond my return home to Melbourne. It recognises that while I am passionate about the culture, practice and business of architecture, there is rarely an opportunity to invest myself more critically in the things I see, read and experience. This blog is that opportunity.

Licensing and attribution

I believe in the value of freely shared information. As such, all content contained within Panfilocastaldi may be used and shared under the Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Creative Commons licence. This means that as long as you attribute me as your source, and permit sharing of your content under the same licence, you may do whatever you like with my content.


If you’d like to get in contact, feel free to do so at panfilocastaldi@hotmail.com.

Kind regards,
Warwick Mihaly.