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Marketing 101

What was it? Part one of an all-day seminar we attended late last month, presented by marketing guru Winston Marsh and held at the State Library for a group of 20 – 30 architects, mostly small practitioners. Beginning with the plain-spoken promise … Continue reading

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Spam comments

What are they? 3,540 unrequested, irrelevant and nonsensical comments that have arrived at Panfilocastaldi in the 22 months of its existence. We received the following example earlier today and could not bear to delete it without sharing its utter absurdity … Continue reading

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Say Yes Australia

What is it? A new ad campaign, viewable here, that accompanies the endorsement of the Labour Government’s proposed carbon tax by a group of 140 prominent Australians. Despite the Opposition’s vehement denouncement of the tax, former Liberals leader John Hewson … Continue reading

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Traffic light health warnings

What are they? Discussed this morning on talkback radio, the Obesity Policy Coalition is lobbying government to introduce regulations that would require traffic light labels on the front of food packaging and fast food menus. A red traffic light label would mean … Continue reading

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Direct advertising

What is it? A form of advertising pioneered by the likes of Google and Facebook that tailors adverts to users. Rather than broadcasting an advert to millions of mostly disinterested users, direct advertising limits the broadcast to the advertised product’s … Continue reading

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Stop motion coolness

Love this. Inspired by Taijin Takeuchi (who created ‘A Wolf Loves Pork’), Olympus put together this engaging viral campaign for the 50th anniversary of their Pen camera. 60,000 photos shot, 9,600 prints developed and over 1,800 shots redone. No post production. … Continue reading

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